Read this article about Starbucks and problems with mis-directed brand admiration assumptions and consumer-relations/PR initiatives.  We will discuss this in class.



Marketing tools

Hi guys! Here is an interesting link for getting some basic info in English about marketing. Have fun taking a look!


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B2 exam material Jan 2016

Hi guys! I have uploaded the material for the Jan 2016 exam for B2. B1 will follow as soon as I can scan it. (Next week?)

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Make up lessons

Good morning everyone! I will not be in Italy during the week of the 17th to the 21st, so those classes I miss will be taught next Monday and Tuesday (10 and 11 Nov.) at the following times in the following places:

Data: Lunedì 10-Novembre-2014
9-11 Inglese B1a (LIN-AZ) Dipartimento Aula B [Ist_Lingue] lezione Recupero
11-13 Inglese B1b (LIN-AZ) Dipartimento Aula B [Ist_Lingue] lezione Recupero
14-16 Inglese B1c/d (LIN-AZ) Dipartimento Aula C [Ist_Lingue] lezione Recupero
Data: Martedì 11-Novembre-2014
11-13 Inglese B2a (LIN-AZ) Dipartimento Aula B [Ist_Lingue] lezione Recupero
15-17 Inglese B2b (LIN-AZ) Dipartimento Aula B [Ist_Lingue] lezione Recupero
17-19 Inglese B2c/d (LIN-AZ) Dipartimento Aula B [Ist_Lingue] lezione Recupero